The Vortex Lakeside Hammers speedway team will be aiming for a third consecutive home victory at the Arena Essex Raceway on Friday (April 11), and co promoter Jon Cook is calling on his riders to show consistency ahead of next week’s big Good Friday showdown with Eastbourne.

Cook said:"So far we've starting home meetings in style only to somewhat stumble over the line later on. This week we need to find that consistency to the end."

The meeting starts a 8pm Teams for Friday are (in alphabetical order):- Friday’s scorers were Vortex Lakeside Hammers: Mikkel Bech,Lewis Bridger, Adam Ellis, Peter Karlsson, Richard Lawson, Ben Morley and Davey Watt (captain).

Birmingham Brummies: Ben Barker (R/R), Benji Compton (guest for Paul Starke), Edward Kennett, Daniel King (captain), Simon Lambert. Daniel Nermark and Adam Skornicki.