THE FALLOUT from Concord Ranger’s power cut abandoned clash with Ebbsfleet has continued.

Ebbsfleet manager Steve Brown fired a furious salvo at The Beachboys and the “antiquated” FA rules.

And then the Beachboys discovered their generous plan to allow free entry to the rescheduled match – which will take place on Thursday at 7.45pm – had been scuppered by the League.

Tuesday’s game at Concord was plunged into darkness with the visitors 2-0 up – but down to 10 men.

A localised power cut in the 55th minute was to blame but Brown ranted: “At the very least, the FA have got to look at the rule.

“To come back here and start from scratch, zero minutes, the only thing that stands is the red card. It’s a very antiquated rule and they obviously don’t have to put lads through 42 games a season and come to places like this (Concord) and dig deep to win a football match.

“For that to happen and then come back again starting from zero minutes. It doesn’t make sense to me. In Europe they would come back and start on 56 minutes and it would be 10 v 11.

“It really does leave a bitter taste in the mouth. We’re two (divisions) off the Football League here and you’re having a game abandoned because a fuse has gone in a fusebox,” he added.

But Concord – who are five points off the play-offs – see themselves as the victims.

Beachboys press officer Jack Smith, speaking to the Echo yesterday afternoon, said he’d just learned that pressure from Ebbsfleet had led to Concord being told they could not let people in for free.

“The Conference National League has told us that we can’t let fans in for free and that we’ve got to treat it as if it was a cup tie: split the profits from the game and pay Ebbsfleet’s travel expenses as well.

“We’re not going to appeal against this or kick up a fuss because things are complicated enough already.

“But we do feel that this is being offered to them as a sweetener because they were pushing to re-start the game and play the remaining 34 minutes.

“We’ll have to accept the League ruling. Things like this happen in football. Ebbsfleet fancy themselves for promotion, so I suppose this is being done as a sweetener.”

But Ebbsfleet do not feel it’s enough of a sweetener and are to appeal against the League ruling.

Concord this weekend host Dover Athletic, who are two places above them in the league (on Saturday) and on Monday the Beachboys visit second-placed Sutton United.