KING John School swept the board at the Junior County Golf Championships, claiming the top three prizes in the girls’ competition.

The Thundersley secondary school scooped first, second and third prizes at the championships, held at the North Weald Golf Club.

Year 9 pupil Jessica Hanlon won the championships ahead of Ysobel Lush, from Year 8, and Bethany Haste, from Year 10, who finished second and third respectively.

Lush said: “I played well and was particularly pleased as I was using new clubs. I scored 40 points which was great but I’m aiming to get my handicap down to 19 for summer.

“I had such a good time and had loads of fun at the meal afterwards. I’m so pleased to come second in the whole of the championships”.

Meanwhile, in the boys’ competition, Year 7 pupil Henry Taylor claimed second place while the under-14 team triumphed as they had the lowest combined score of all the competing schools.

Simon Webb, director of PE at King John, said: “It was a great day for the pupils as they had lots of success.

“King John often enters pupils into the golf competitions and we have a good link with Boyce Hill Golf Club where many of our pupils are cadet members.

“Congratulations to all for their achievements.”