SCOTT Hann feels Max Whitlock’s stunning showing at the European Championships has sent out a message to the rest of the world.

Whitlock, who is coached by Hann at the Basildon based South Essex Gym club, won gold on pommel horse in Bulgaria.

And Hann was delighted by the manner of his victory.

“The way Max competed showed the whole world that he’s a real force to be reckoned with now,” said Hann.

“For him to be able to compete like that was fantastic because there’s always that bit more pressure on when you’re competing on the apparatus you’re expected to do well on.”

Whitlock scored 16.166 to come out on top after successfully completing the most difficult routine he has ever attempted.

That put him ahead of reigning Olympic champion Kritsztian Berki who had to settle for second due to Whitlock’s impressive showing.

Whitlock had earlier helped Britain claim second place in the team competition.

But that was not the only success for the South Essex Gym Club.

For Brinn Bevan and Jay Thompson both helped Britain win the junior team competition before also winning individual medals.

And Bevan’s success came despite him suffering with a back injury in a build up to the championships.

“Brinn had a rocky preparation and couldn’t train on the floor for two or three weeks before the event because of his knee and then his back,” said Hann.

“You normally do 10 training sessions a week on that so the gymnasts he was up against had done 20 or 30 sessions in the build up and Brinn had done none.

“The first time he was able to do it was actually in the competition so he did brilliantly because at one point we were actually considering pulling him out of the competition.”

Despite his difficulties, Bevan claimed bronze in the all round junior competition and his club-mate Thompson also delighted Hann by finishing second on the floor.

“Jay was very solid and it’s people like him who help you win the team events,” added Hann.

“But he also made three individual finals and won a silver medal which is a big achievement for him.

“All three of them did very well and so did the whole Great Britain squad so I was proud to be a part of it.”