BERRY Boys ABC coach Mark Quirey knows Ryan Butler is capable of serving up a knockout performance in the ABA junior championship finals tomorrow.

Fourteen-year-old Ryan is competing in the 80kg class final in London and has been preparing for the bout by sparring with heavyweight Quirey at the Langdon Hills club.

“He’s in good shape and I’ve been his sparring partner because he was hurting the other seniors at the club,” said Quirey.

“Ryan’s only 14 but he is more than six foot tall and is big for his age.

“He was sparring with fighters who are 19 and 20 but his strength meant he ended up sparring with me.”

Ryan, who lives in Wickford, will be squaring up against Beck Emery from Micky’s Gym in Yorkshire tomorrow.

The pair will lock horns at Grove Park Territorial Army centre in London tomorrow in the class A 80kg final.

Quirey, 40, admits the Berry camp knows little about the northern fighter but believe Ryan will be able to hold his own in the capital.

“He started with us about four years ago and he was of average height,” added Quirey. “But since then he has shot up and has been training his heart out.

“He has had six bouts and won them all. No-one has got anywhere near him.

“Although he has only had one fight in the championship, he was a convincing winner.”

Ryan’s height and stature mean that he does not have too many opponents in his age group.

That has meant he has been forced to travel as far as Bristol for fights.

But he will be roared on by a big contingent from Berry Boys in Lewisham as he attempts to bring the national crown back to Basildon.