Vortex Hammers Co-Promoter Jon Cook hailed his sides performance as they fought back from an eight point deficit after heat six, to take a 47-43 victory over the King’s Lynn Stars. Hammers ended the 14 match unbeaten run of the league leaders.

Cook said:“It was a performance of pure guts, effort and determination from all of the five Hammers and our guest Ben Barker, and it ranks up there as one of the best results in the Douglas/Cook eight-year era in charge of the Hammers.”

Scores: Davey Watt R/R, Richard Lawson 11+2 (5 rides), Mikkel Bech 6+1 (6), Ben Barker (G) 9+1 (5) Peter Karlsson 9+1 (6), Ben Morley 8+2 (5), Adam Ellis 2, 1, 1' = 4+1 (3) Niels Kristian Iversen 11+1 (5), Jan Graversen (G) 1(4), Rory Schlein 7+1(4), Robert Lambert 2 (4), Scott Nicholls (G) 11+1(5), Lewis Blackbird (G) 11 (5), Lewis Rose 0 (3).