I WATCHED Tuesday night’s World Cup games in the pub with my sister and I had just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Luis Suarez appearing to bite someone else.

In the pub they had the England match on one screen and the Uruguay one on another and I just happened to be looking at the Uruguay one when this incident occurred.

I did a double take because it was just hard to believe he would do something like this again.

I think all the top players are often borderline genius and borderline insane when they go out on to the pitch – and I think that’s certainly the case with Suarez.

I would like to try to defend him and he’s someone I would love to have in my team.

But, while you can defend someone for missing a good chance, biting another player for the third time is just not acceptable and, of course, I can’t defend him for that.

He doesn’t appear to have learnt his lessons from the previous incidents and punishments he’s been given for them so it will be interesting to see what happens this time.

I understand that FIFA cannot ban him from domestic competitions, but if he was to be banned for playing for Uruguay for two years then I don’t think that would be too harsh.


I THINK the best word to describe England’s World Cup campaign would be depressing.

I’m certainly depressed thinking about it now and I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the game against Costa Rica because I wasn’t really that interested which I think says a lot.

But, despite the disappointment, I do think the future is still bright for our national side.

I’m a big fan of Ross Barkley and I think he has an excellent future ahead of him.

He’s not the only one either because Raheem Sterling is an exciting talent and so are both Luke Shaw and Adam Lallana.

Daniel Sturridge will be around for a while yet and I think Jack Wilshere showed against Costa Rica that he can make an impression at international level.

But we do need to keep on giving these young players opportunities because it’s the only way we will see if they are good enough.

I think defending has been our biggest problem during this World Cup but that can be said of a lot of teams, not just England.

Maybe it’s the way the modern game is going and teams don’t defend like they used to, but that certainly won’t be happening at Southend United!


I HAVE been very interested watching Brazil this week.

Neymar, inset, is a huge talent for them and he was fantastic to watch in their win against Cameroon.

Much has been made of them being a one man team because of the influence he’s had on their games.

But once he went off the other players, like Fred and Hulk, raised their game.

They started to see more of the ball and it’s an interesting argument as to whether or not Brazil are actually better as an all round team when Neymar isn’t playing.

I’m not saying that’s what I believe but it’s certainly a good discussion point.