MAX Whitlock will not be the only South Essex Gymnastics member in action at the Commonwealth Games today.

For the Basildon-based club received a number of other call ups, including Scott Hann as a coach.

And Hann says it will be a great occasion for all concerned.

“To have the level of involvement that we do is fantastic,” he said.

“I’ve seen one or two them here already and one or two have already gone home as they were involved in the rhythmic gymnastics which has now ended.

“But it’s another great achievement for us as a club.”

South Essex Gymnastics’ Rebecca Bunce worked as judge during the rhythmic event while Tania Bonici carried out commentary duties.

Dave Massam has now arrived to be a judge for the gymnastics competition, along with equipment volunteer Dave Rapley.

But all eyes will be on Whitlock from today as the double Olympic bronze medallist strives for more success.

And Hann insists the 21-year-old is in good shape ahead of the competition.

“Max is feeling good and he’s happy with the set up here,” said Hann.

“The facilities are great and so is the venue but it’s a very long competition for him.

“He could well be competing every day until Friday so we have to make sure he maintains his focus and concentration.

“But today is a big day as he will be competing in three of the apparatus with a further three taking place tomorrow and Max will want to get off to a good start.”

Whitlock and the rest of England’s gymnastics squad arrived in Scotland on Friday and trained at the venue over the weekend.

And Hann’s only pre-event fear is the amount of food that is available.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much food,” laughed Hann.

“There’s so much of it everywhere you go and I’m really going to have to be careful while I’m out here and resist trying to eat too much of it!”