I HAVE been covering non-league football for four years now, and I am enjoying it more with each passing season.

I’ve lost count of the amount of games I have reported on but each match throws up another story.

I remember in one of my first matches I was talking to a friend about the lunchtime Premier League fixture that had been televised, exclaiming over a brilliant goal that had been scored.

Next thing, I hear ‘excuse me’ and turned around to see one of the club’s stewards standing over us.

“Please do not talk about that match. This is a non-league match. Talk about this game.”

No smile, deadly serious. I didn’t know whether to laugh or question him, but this was a man totally devoted to non-league football. And he is not alone, I am sure.

But there is so much I enjoy. The small things.

No red tape when it comes to interviews, being brought a mug of tea with the club crest on it in the pouring rain, having a beer with a manager after a game, and the banter with opposition fans who never think their side is getting a fair deal!

We will be running this feature every Friday.

So if you are a manager, player or supporter, come and explain why you love non-league.

Anyone interested should email luke.lambert@newsquest.co.uk.