THE wheel of doom is back at our training ground and will be here for the next couple of months.

We have a fine system in place for the players, which I’m in charge of, and for the next few weeks they will have to spin the wheel to determine their punishment.

We did it for a couple of months last season after I bought it off Amazon for £20 and it ended up generating about £500.

We don’t do it all season because we would probably end up with about £20,000 but it’s a bit of fun and a good way to bolster the players’ kitty before the Christmas party.

Wherever the wheel stops is what the players have to do so there’s the option of having to pay double or triple, having to pay more to avoid singing at the next away game or one which makes the gaffer pay!

It’s always good fun but the last couple of matches have been enjoyable for us too.

It was great to get the win against Blackpool and I was really pleased to get my first home goal of the season.

It came after Anthony Wordsworth had put us 1-0 in front and produced another goalscoring celebration I know nothing about!

I think it was something to do with a dance move he learnt at V Festival but I didn’t go so it didn’t mean too much to me!

It was great to follow it up with a win against Reading and we’ll be looking for more of the same against Doncaster now. Their philosophy has been the same for 10 years or so now and they’re a passing, possession based side. But we’re full of confidence again now and want to keep this good run we’re on going.