Exactly what I expected. Not surprised in the slightest. Cup record under Brown is dire. Players didn’t want it.


I’m yet to see what our number 44 brings to the party.


We never looked up for it. Lack of pace on our left cost us the goal. Kightly & Wright worst of the lot.


Awful against a poor Yeovil side. Could only see one winner and it wasn’t going to be us.


Gutless performance and absolutely devoid of ideas. Predictable punt up to the big centre-half. The team lack character.


Cup runs bring money but would prefer others to clog up their fixture list and have an assault on the league. Then review PB contract, not before.


Outplayed in the first half. Had chances in the second but YTFC defended well. Simply not good enough. Second cup defeat, both to League Two sides. Saw Stonehenge though!


Some very lazy play from some of our elderly team.


Brown picks arguably our best 11. The players need to look at themselves, not good enough. There’s always next year.


Not so much about the game but how much did Brown flirting with another job affect the team? Disrespectful to fans in my opinion too.


Cup misery again but 90 minute cup runs are all I expect now. No goal threat main problem but also bad attitude in squad when playing away.


Wouldn’t sack Brown because achieves nothing but really shouldn’t be losing to League Two club. League more important but cup run would’ve been nice.


Knocked out of both cup competitions by lower league opposition. Simply not good enough from Brown and the team. Time for a fresh face?


A few of the players need moving on now in January. Bring the youngsters in with the addition of some new players. Just goes to show we have got a weak side that can’t beat a League Two side. Is it the players or the manager?


Brown has taken us as far as he can. Players are not playing for him in my opinion.