A PITCH inspection will take place at Roots Hall on Friday morning ahead of Southend United's home clash against Plymouth Argyle.

The pitch has been covered to improve the chances of the game being played.

But with temperatures dipping to minus night overnight, Blues' chief executive Steve Kavanagh has admitted the game could be in doubt.

"As you are aware it has been extremely cold here over the last few days and more cold weather is expected between now and Saturday," said Kavanagh.

"The pitch is of concern to us as unfortunately the covers have been unable to prevent it from becoming frozen, especially at the South Stand end, as they only work up to a certain temperature.

"With Plymouth facing a long journey on Friday we felt it was important to get the inspection early on Friday to prevent them from making a wasted journey, should it not be playable."

The pitch inspection will be taking place at 10.30am.