EIGHTY-year-old Bill Brown took part in an epic eight-hour play-off which Boyce Hill believe could go down in the country’s record books.

Brown and playing partner Nigel Pyle completed the marathon better-ball match against Perry and Dominic Lodge in the second round of the winter four ball competition.

They teed off at early to complete the round in order to spend time with their respective spouses in the afternoon.

But the four players battled over the eighteen holes only to end up all square.

A result had to be established, so on they went to replay the first hole in a sudden death play off.

But that hole to also be halved -– and that was a pattern which continued up until the 12th hole when the Lodge family members finally prevailed.

Boyce Hill’s Keith Merchant said the match could well go down in the record books as the most holes played in a play-off in England.

Merchant said: “Bill still manages to play at our club despite its notorious hills.

“But he admitted to being a bit tired by the end of this match.

“But that could be also be down to the fact that he recently completed a 25-mile charity bike ride!”

“Perry had arranged to meet his wife at 1pm to enjoy the afternoon together.

“He eventually caught up with after her 4pm but denied spending most of the time in the club’s bar – although a few celebratory drinks were probably consumed!”