I'VE come back down to earth with a bump after the Christmas break.

It was so good having a break and being back at home. I really enjoyed Christmas and seeing my family and everyone, but now we’re back here in Sheffield and straight back into the training.

It’s tough, but it’s also good to be back in the routine.

Life here does have a certain routine. We run in the morning and then there is strength and conditioning roughly from 10.30am until midday.

Of all the aspects of training I suppose it’s the running which I dislike the most.

It’s not nice, fun jogging around the streets — its interval runs around the track here and this is testing because the coaches are always pushing you and asking more of you.

We do this as a group, but with everyone having slightly different goals. I find this tough.

The afternoon is a lot of work in the ring and a great deal of sparring.

But the aim is to get to the Olympics and this is what I’m here for after all.

There are plenty of things to look forward to over the next few weeks. We’re off to Brazil on January 29 and I’m so looking forward to going.

I’d rather we were going to Rio — as its a place I’ve always fancied — but we’re going to be in San Paulo and that should be good. It gives us the chance to fight the Brazillian girls and they will be up for it and a real test.

At the back of my mind is always the thought that now we’re in the Olympic year and the countdown is on to selection.

The world championships are in the middle of May and whoever Britain takes to the worlds will be the person who will go to the Olympics, so that’s the date I’ve got etched on my mind.

2011 was generally a good year for me with tons of training and I won both nationally and performed well on the overseas camps.

I could not be putting more into this training and I hope that the coaches and selectors see this and think that I’m right to represent Great Britain.