FORD Open Club have released their statement regarding the barring of Dion Macfayden from the Ford Open last month.

The South Benfleet matchman was not allowed to fish the match after two flounders were found in his coolbox at the event on Sunday, January 22.

Macfayden, 45, claimed he had caught the fish the day before while practising for the Ford Open.

The angler, who has been competing for 24 years, said he intended to take the fish back to Essex with him and claimed he was not intending to use them in the match at Weston Shore, Southampton.

Macfayden even paid £600 for a lie detector test in order to clear his name, with the polygraph indicating he was telling the truth.

Ford Open Club declined to comment on the situation until club officials had carried out an investigation.

That has now been completed and their statement has been released on the World Sea Fishing website.

The statement claims Macfayden attempted to deceive stewards after the flounders were discovered during a bag search.

It says the match was fished within the rules of the Anglers Trust and that Macfayden will not be allowed to fish future Ford Opens.

The club said it will not be commenting further on the matter.

The Anglers Trust decided not to get involved in the incident, claiming it was a matter between Ford Open Club and Macfayden.

The full statement is at: