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Notice ID: MFN0617628

Notice effective from
16th July 2021 to 15th August 2021

Notice is hereby given
that the Council of Southend proposes to make the amendments to the above Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended. The general effect of the proposed Order will be to introduce no waiting at any time junction protection restrictions in the following locations:


The Ryde/Woodside; Belfairs Park Drive/Woodside;The Ryde/Belfairs Park Drive; Woodside/Park View Drive; Belfairs Park Drive/Orsett Avenue; Orsett Avenue/Park View Drive; The Ryde/Ryde Close; The Ryde/Boyce Hill Close; Belfairs Park Drive/Belfairs Park Close; Thorndon Park Drive/Thorndon Park Close; Eastwood Old Road/ Berkshire Close; Eastwood Old Road/Fairway Gardens; Eastwood Old Road/Great Hays; Fairway Gardens/Fairway Gardens Close; The Fairway; Eastwood Road/Belfairs Close; Kingswood Chase/ Manchester Drive; Flemming CrescentAVoodleigh Avenue; Flemming Crescent/Rayleigh Drive; Irvington Close/Danescroft Drive; Danescroft Drive/Danesleigh Gardens; Danescroft Drfve/Danesroft Close; Danescroft Drive/Birche Close; Danescroft Drive/Croft Close; Danescroft Drive/Shannon Close; A127/Abbotts Close; Priorywood Drive; Briarwood Drive/Briarwood Close; Oakwood Avenue/ Leighwood Avenue; Eastwood Road North/Leighcroft Gardens; Eastwood Road North/Elmsleigh Drive; Eastwood Road North/ Priorywood Drive; Briarwood Drive/Priorywood Mews/Drive inc northern spur; Leighcroft Avenue/Danescroft Drive; Eastwood Road North/Orchard Mead; A127/Priory View Road; A127/Falcon Close; Broadclyst Avenue/Bellhouse Crescent; Bellhouse Crescent/Lodge Farm Close; Blenheim Crescent/Ellenbrook Close; Blenheim " Crescent/Blenheim Mews; Fairway Gardens/Gleneagles Road; Moor Park Gardens/Gleneagles Road; Woodcutter Avenue/ Bohemia Chase.

Blenheim Park Ward

Thornhill/Hawthorns; Pickets Avenue/Essex Gardens northern end; Picketts Avenue/Essex Gardens southern end; Picketts Avenue/ Ham'dge Road; Ham'dge Road/Harridge Close; Picketts Avenue/Leigh View Drive; Leigh View Drive/Merryfield Approach; Menyfield Approach southern junction; Picketts Avenue/Picketts Close; Picketts Avenue and northern spur; Mountdale Gardens/Stonehill Road; Stonehill Road/unnamed road north of No 8; Stonehill Road/5tonehill Close; Stonehill Road/Tiptree Close; Stonehill; Road/Danbury Close; Sandhurst Crescent/Hurst Way; Hurst Way/Juniper Road; Juniper Road/Salt Reach Close; Juniper Road/Thistley Close; Sandhurst Crescent/Sandhurst Close; Mendip CrescenVMartock Avenue; Middlesex Avenue/Kent Avenue; Norfolk Avenue/Kent Avenue; Suffolk Avenue/Suffolk Close; Middlesex Avenue/Surrey Avenue; Cavendish Gardens/5hanklin Drive; Clatterfield GardensAVellstead Gardens; Clatterfield Gardens/St James Gardens; St James Gardens/ St James Close; FillebrookAvenue/Greenbanks; Greenbanks/ Lindisfarne Avenue; Kingsway/Southborough Drive; Eastwood Lane South/Shanklin Drive; Eastwood Lane Soutn/Holyrood Drive; Holyrcod Drive/Martyns Grove; Shanklin Drive/Martyns Grove.

Eastwood Park

Brookfields/Brookfields Close; Brookfields/Southernhay; Pinewood Avenue/Southernhay; Pinewood Avenue/Brookfields; Eastwood Rise/Gravel Road; Springwater Road/Springwater Grove; Springwater Grove/Springwater Close; Gravel Road/Tudor Road; Tudor Road/ Springwater Road; Green Lane/Kendal Way; Kendal Way/Paddock Close; Nobles Green Road/Nobles Green Close; Nobles Green Road/ Symons Avenue; Paddocks Close between No 18 and 60; Nobles Green Road/Epping Close; Eastwood Park Drive/The Green; Eastwood Park Drive/ Eastwood Park Close; Eastwood Park Drive/Alan Grove; Alan Grove/Alan Close; Fairfield Road/Eastwood Park Drive; Hudson Road/ Rowan Walk; Rowan Walk/Steeplefield; Rowan Walk junction at No 82; Each junction within Steeplefield; Hudson Crescent/Lawrence Gardens; The Crest; Gipson Park Close; Green Lane/The Spinneys; Fairfield Road/Fairfield Gardens; Fairfield Gardens/Fairfield Crescent; Heycroft Road/Sunnybank Close; both junction of Pinewood Avenue/Chesterfield Crescent; Hudson Crescent/Mansell Close; A127/Hazelwood Grove; Hazelwood Grove/Priory Wood Crescent; Wren Avenue/Ansley Close; Green Lane/Flemings Farm Road; Turning area in Hylands Grove; Dandies Drive/Dandies Close; Dandies Drive/Hartland Close; Macmurdo Road/Macmurdo Close; Sairard Gardens/Sairard Close; Wren Close northern junction; Green Lane/Riverdale; Parkway CloseAA/inchester Close.

Leigh Ward

Elm Road/Torquay Drive; Elm Road/Queens Avenue; Queens Avenue/Dawlish Drive; Leigh Hall Road/Queens Avenue; Redcliff Drive/Queens Road; Queens Road, Leigh/Ashleigh Drive.


Retreat Road/Wickford Road; Retreat Road.

Prittlewell Ward
Jones Close.

Shoeburyness Ward
Ravendale Way/Shambrook Close; Ravendale Way/Sonning Way; Sonning Way/Chertsey Close; Keighley Mews/Ravendale Way; Churchfields/Datchet Drive; Datchet Drive/Eton Walk; Ravendale WayA/veybridge Walk; Ravendale Way/Mountbatten Drive; Mountbatten Drive; Maitland Place; Mountbatten Drive/ Montgomery Court; both ends of Frobisher Way/Colne Drive; Colne Drive/Blackwater Close; Frobisher Way/Midsummer Meadows; Frobisher Way/Collingwood Way; Frobisher Way/ Barrington Close; Churchfields/Caversham Avenue; Caversham Avenue; Churchfields/Bay Court; Churchfields/Cookham Court; Frobisher Way/access to Asda; Frobisher Way/The Drakes; Frobisher Way/Maitland; Maitland/Dovecote; Maitland/Puffin Place; Maitland/Toucan Close; Artilliary Avenue/Military Close; Sandpiper Close; Anson Chase/Bulwark Road; Bulwark Road; Peel Avenue; Peel Avenue/Newell Avenue; Newell Avenue/Castle Close; Constable Way/Goya Rise; Constable Way/Picasso Way; Constable Way/Hogarth Drive; Hogarth DriveA/Vhistler Rise; Hogarth Drive/Rubens Close; both ends of Hogarth Drive/ Vermeer Crescent; Constable Way/Rembrandt Close.

St Laurence

Blatches Chase/Meakins Close; Meakins Close/Fulford Drive; Whitehouse Road/Blatches Chase; Whitehouse Road/Fulford Drive; Whitehouse RoadA/Vhiteways; Burford Road/Burford Close; Orchard Grove/Orchard Side; Orchard Side; Whitehouse Meadows; Whitehouse RoaaVWhitehouse Meadows; Whitehouse Meadows Whitehouse Road/Aldrin Way; Aldrin Way/Lovell Rise; Neil Armstrong Way/Aldrin Way; Neil Armstrong Way/Young Close; Neil Armstrong Way/Anders Fall; Neil Armstrong Way/Borman Close; Neil Armstrong Way/McDivitt Walk; Neil Armstrong Way/ Collins Way; various in Collins Way; Neil Armstrong Way and access to No 69-99; Neil Armstrong Way and access to No 33-61; Neil Armstrong Way/Shepard Close; various in Shepard Close; Eastwoodbury Lane/Mayflower Close; junction in Mayflower Close; Snakes Lane/access to David Lloyd; Eastwoodbury Lane/Bristol Road; Wells Avenue/Bristol Road; Wells AvenueA/ickers Road; Eastwoodbury Lane/Avro Road; Avro Road/Wilmott Road; Eastwoodbury LaneA/ickers Road; Wells Avenue/Wells Avenue access between No 24-26 and 27-29; Eastwoodbury Lane/ Eastwoodbury Crescent; Eastwoodbury Crescent/Eastwoodbury Close; Rochford Road/Nightingale Close; junction in Nightingale Close; Rochford Road/Eastwoodbury Crescent; Rochford Road and access road to No 168; Alton Gardens/both accesses to Derek Gardens; Alton Gardens/Caroline^ Close; Alton Gardens/Audleys Close; Hampton Gardens/Keith Way; junction in Fairlawn Gardens; Larke Rise; Oaken Grange Drive and access to and including rear of shops; Beechmont Gardens/Marina Close.

St Luke's North Ward

Journeymans Way/The Candlemakers; Journeyman Way/ The Cordwainers; Journeymans Way/The Wheelwrights.

St Luke's South Ward
Cromwell Road; Weybourne Gardens/Waltham Crescent; Weybourne GardensAVeybourne Close; Royston Avenue/Lyndale Avenue; Royston Avenue/Walsingham Road; Royston Avenue/ St Luke's Road; Walsingham Road/Selbourne Road; St Luke's Road/Cluny Square; Cokefield Avenue/Peartree Close.

Southchurch Ward

Archer Avenue/Canterbury Avenue; Archer Avenue/Appletree Close; Archer Avenue/Archer Close; Archer AvenueA/allance Close; Newington Avenue/Newington Close; Poynings Avenue/ Roedean Gardens; Roedean Gardens/Ashurst Avenue; Glynde Way/Ashurst Avenue; Glynde Way/Roedean Gardens; Glynde Way/Petworth Gardens; Southchurch Boulevard/Glynde Way; Roedean Gardens/Roedean Close; Newington Avenue/Canterbury Avenue; Newington Avenue access to No 64-82; Canterbury Avenue/Lincoln Chase; Vaughan Avenue/Castleton Road; Sackville RoadA/aughan Avenue; Sackville Road/Pelham Road; Pelham Road/Thurston Avenue; both ends of Shoebury Road/ Little Thorpe; Shoebury Road/Branscombe Way; Shoebury Road/ Cherrybrook; Cherrybrook/Broadclyst Gardens; Cherrybrook/ Plymtree; Cherrybrook/Burlescombe Road; Fortescue Chase/ Bovinger Way; Fortescue ChaseAVansfell Gardens; Wakering Road; Fortescue ChaseA/vlllingale Way; Apollo Drive/Eros Avenue; Eros Avenue/Zeus Road; Maplin Way North/Plymtree; North Shoebury Road/Armitage Road; Wansfell Gardens/Coptfold Close; Wansfell Gardens/Navestock Gardens; Willingale Way access to No 85; Whittingham Avenue/Philpott Avenue.

Thorpe Ward

Woorjgrange DriveAA/yatts Drive; Woodgrange Drive/Thurlow Drive; Woodgrange Drive/Rodbridge Drive; both ends of Woodgrange Drive; Chelsworth Crescent; Wyatts Drfve/Brettenham Drive; Wyatts Drive/Rodbridge Drive; Wyatts Drive/Thurlow Drive; Butterys/Woodgrange Drive/Brettenham Drive; Johnstone Road/ Marcus Avenue; Johnstone Road/Dungannon Drive.

Victoria Ward

Ruskin Avenue/Sycamore Grove; Ruskin Avenue eastern bend; Tennyson Avenue/Ruskin Avenue; Tennyson Avenue/Ruskin Avenue/Browning Avenue/Sycamore Grove/Byron Avenue; Browning Avenue/Maple Square: Walsingham Avenue/Shelley Square; St Luke's Road/Shelley Square; Sycamore Grove access to No 15715A; Tennyson Avenue access to No 19,

West Leigh

Woodlands Park/Cosgrove Avenue including turning area; Ewan Way/Ewan Close; Vardon Drive/Marshall Close; St Davids Drive/ Ormonde Gardens; St Davids Drive/St David's Terrace; St David's Drive/Aberdeen Gardens; St Davids Drive/Braemar Crescent; Braemar Crescent/Aberdeen Gardens; Braemar Crescent/Hamilton Close; Braemar Crescent/Olive Avenue; Dundee Avenue/Dundee Close; Lime Avenue/Fairview Gardens; Lime Avenue at north end; Eaton Road/Fairview Gardens; Percy RoadAVestcliff Drive; Darenth Road/Chapmans Walk; Chapmans Walk/Chapmans Close; Grange Road; access to Leigh Marshes Car Park; Western Road/Medway Crescent; Walker Drive/Henry Drive; Henry Drive/Tennyson Close; Tennyson Close north end.

West Shoebury Ward

Aylesbeare/Staplegrove; Aylesbeare/Torrington; Aylesbeare/ Rackenford; Aylesbeare and its eastern and western arms; Aylesbeare/Yarnacott; Yarnacott western junction; Kingsteignton/ Hawkridge; Kingstei ngton/Bicken hall; Kingsteignton/Malmsmead, Buckland; Sedgemoor; Shillingstone; Challacombe; Parsons Lawn/ Wambrook; Fitzwarren; Maplin Way North/Hayes Barton; Maplin Way North/Challacombe; Bishopsteignton/Parsons Lawn; Shoebury Road/St Marys Close; Goldmer Close access to No 31.

Copies of the draft Order plans and Statement of the Council's Reasons for proposing to make the Order may be viewed (subject to COVID 19 restrictions) at the Contact Centre on the ground floor of the Civic Centre (address below) during normal office hours. Documents can also be viewed online at:


Comments on the proposals for or against, together with the reasons for which they are made should be sent through the

website or in writing to reach the Executive Director (Neighbourhoods & Environment) and marked for the attention of the Business Change and Development Team at the address below by no later than 6th August 2021. All written representations received concerning Traffic Regulation Orders are public documents that may be inspected by any person on demand.
A Lewis, Interim Chief Executive &Town Clerk
Civic Centre, Victoria Avenue,
Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 6ER
Dated 16th July 2021


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Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

Ground Floor , Civic Centre , Southend on Sea , Essex , SS2 6LR 01702 215 000


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