Our daily ECHO is the established daily online news source for Basildon, Southend and the surrounding areas. The website has seen tremendous growth in recent years. The site provides news, sport, features, competitions and much else including years of archived articles from the Basildon/Southend areas and a comprehensive what's on guide. We also have a huge searchable database of jobs powered by se1jobs.com, homes powered by Ezadspro and cars powered by Exchange & Mart.

The result of our online activity is that the ECHO has extended its reach to thousands of people who either do not read, or only occasionally read, the newspaper. We are reaching a whole new demographic and we want our advertisers to be able to reach them aswell. For local businesses there is no better place to advertise on the web than on WWW.ECHO-NEWS.CO.UK.

We can arrange online marketing campaigns, sponsorship agreements, business listings, video commercials, links and banner advertising.



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* July 2022