ONCE upon a time it was a phrase on customers’ lips that could strike fear into every retail worker.

“I’d like to see the manager” meant only one thing: trouble.

This could range from an armchair dance fan unable to find the sequined dress she saw on Strictly to a major coleslaw spillage and calamity in the delicatessen.

While dealing with customer service queries and complaints remains a large part of a retail manager’s job, today the role is much wider and covers many more aspects of the retail sector.

This is good news if you’ve worked in retail for a few years as a sales assistant and currently seeking a senior position.

Because whether it’s for a small grocery store or a shopping centre the size of a town, you’re going to be able to use your experience and talents to effect change for your company, employees and customers. And this brings immense rewards.

With the need to meet shopper’s ever changing demands – today’s must-have buys can be in tomorrow’s bargain basket – no two days will ever be the same.

Your number one priority, however, will be making sure everyone is working together to keep the entire operation running smoothly.

Shift rotas, recruitment, stock control, budgets, marketing and health and safety are all part of the job, as is helping your team of employees access fresh opportunities to train and gain extra qualifications in retail.

On-going training programmes will be available for you too – after all, if you want to progress to regional manager or even a company directorship, you need to show drive and enthusiasm at every stage of your career.

This is also one of the reasons why trainee manager positions are much sought after as entry points into senior management.

To land a management role it’s essential your CV and interview show you have the skills not only to earn your customers’ loyalty but also to develop staff through motivational feedback.

They will also demonstrate you’re fully committed to working five days a week, often including Sundays and holidays. In the gargantuan, 24-hour mega-stores you may even find yourself steering the ship at different times of the day and night.