THERE’S nothing like a week of sun and sangria to recharge those work batteries.

The problem is we often come home with not only a suntan but also a restlessness and reluctance to return to work. Sometimes that feeling subsides, forgotten in the hurly-burly of appointments and unanswered emails, but sometimes it can continue for weeks or months, signalling it’s high time for a career evaluation.

For social workers who want to get their mojo back, there are ways of finding it again without leaving the profession for good. Recognise that ploughing the same furrow for decades isn’t always good for you, or your clients. Get a new direction by switching teams, client groups or sectors. Write a checklist of your skills to pat yourself on the back. You’ll have law knowledge, analytical and assessment skills, emotional intelligence, communications skills and be a team player.

They’ll all stand you in great stead when moving in a new direction. If a career shift is what you’re planning, start learning new skills that will help you down the line. At work get experience of management, policy or fundraising, and bid writing. It’s easy to feel stuck in a rut and unable to see where your skills can take you. For example, someone who has worked in child protection can make the switch to adult care.

But remember what you brought to the sector: knowledge, compassion, patience, advocacy and how you helped improve the lives of others. Not everyone gets the opportunity to do that.