ANYONE who’s ever fallen in love will know how far we will go to make ourselves more attractive.

This means taking extra care of our appearance, investing in clothes with added wow factor and generally making ourselves appear to be the hottest ticket in town.

Be an action hero: Anyone who regularly checks for new vacancies is a gogetter. Employers love proactive people who show drive and initiative.

Dress to impress: Job hunters are also power dressers. They know the importance of first impressions and any interview will go so much better if an employer sees straight away this candidate has made an effort and can handle themselves with confidence.

Trust yourself: Job hunters know they’re bringing something to the table and the self-confidence that comes from this self-awareness allows others to recognise their true character and talents.

Understand one another: A new work relationship can only succeed if both parties truly understand one another.

The job hunter studies any potential role in great detail, learning all they can. Similarly, their CV should let an employer know everything about them.

From this comes a better understanding of what’s needed to make a perfect match.