THERE has never been a better time to forge a career in HR, thanks largely to an increase in the number of potential ways to start out. Apprenticeships and trainee positions have opened up HR to people of all ages and backgrounds – from school leavers to career changers.If you’re hoping to join them, here are some handy tips and tricks for making your mark. Many firms will be happy to provide on-thejob training.

So, if you feel your career and confidence could be boosted with extra qualifications, be sure to ask about the possibility for upskilling at your interview. This also shows just how keen and enthusiastic you are. HR is full of different specialisms, from talent managers to reward analysts. Be sure to get experience in as many different areas as possible. The specialism that gives you the most satisfaction could point your career in an unexpected yet very rewarding direction.

Get your game face on. You may still be learning yourself but from day one you must also be helping others. At the heart of HR is the ability to understand what employees need to get the most out of their jobs.

Get off to a flying start by working out new ways to engage and motivate. At some point you’re going to be faced with a dispute. You will need to show skills in negotiating, mediating and adjudicating. If grey areas still exist, you can still seek guidance from your HR Manager.