IN THE call and contact centre sector, encouragement, training and motivation are all vital to help employees reach their full potential. So we’ve compiled our own pearls of wisdom that we think call-centre bosses should pass on to new recruits.Keep smiling. Go into every call with a smile and an optimistic attitude.

Customers can sense positivity and sometimes it rubs off on them too. Not all calls go as planned but if you start each one with a smile, you’re hoping for the best.Don’t sweat the small stuff. Understand not every call will be perfect and you can’t always solve everything.

Don’t let this burst your big balloon though. If it’s been a tough shift, simply plan today for a better one tomorrow.Never take it personally. Call and contact centres can be demanding workplaces and the chances are you’ll have some difficult customers to deal with.

The key to not becoming stressed about it is to just let the bad stuff slide. Be the bigger person. Not bigger like a sumo wrestler, but larger in patience like a small, calm Yoda! Some customers will push you to the limit, but always keep a level head. Never find yourself pushing back as that’s not going to end well. Value yourself. Always take pride in the work you do. You might feel like you’re a small cog in a very large wheel but, if your talents weren’t needed, you wouldn’t be there doing such a great job.