IF YOU would like to launch your own career as an independent financial advisor, or IFA, the role will see you giving the kind of advice to clients that can prove life changing.

Let’s kick off with the job title. The word “independent” is crucial here.A bank, mortgage or pensions adviser will only advise on the financial products that are available from their own bank, building society or insurance company.

This makes their role more that of a sales person. Being an independent adviser removes any restrictions. Your guidance is unbiased and aimed solely at serving the client’s particular circumstances.You’re going to have to be good with people to do this because most days you’ll be talking directly to clients, learning all about their current cash situation and what their needs and aspirations are.

The next step will involve a meticulous search for the most appropriate products before explaining how they work.This means being able to explain often complex jargon in a way that can be easily understood – clients appreciate being given clear and simple explanations.

Very often you’ll follow up on how things are progressing and many clients will find their needs change through life events such as having a baby or getting married. This means you could build up long lasting relationships. If you’re at the beginning of your journey into financial services there are apprenticeship opportunities.If you’re already hard at work, perhaps as a paraplanner, you’ll find your skills can easily find a new home in the IFA world.