IF YOU want to be an A-list administrator, you should always be on the lookout for opportunities to train and develop your skills.Let’s have a look at some of the options.Some companies will offer on-the-job training.

When applying for a new role or at your interview, always ask what opportunities for upskilling are available.

It demonstrates your enthusiasm for learning new skills that ultimately will benefit their business.“Independent training” is another option.

Established companies such as Pitman Training have a variety of courses that specialise in office and IT training, but there are others too. And don’t be shy about asking your new employer if they would pay for or partially fund the course.

There are plenty of ways to access free or partially funded study. The Open University is an option if you’re looking to accelerate your career. If you can think of a skill or interest, chances are there is a night class somewhere that covers it. From learning shorthand to mastering the art of bookkeeping, there is plenty for the ambitious administrator to get stuck in to. Check out your local college website for details.

Volunteering is a great way to broaden your experience and skills while helping a good cause.As an administrator, your organisation skills could be put to great use as a secretary or treasurer for a small local charity.

Voluntary work is a great way to try new things, meet new people and, of course, it looks great on your CV.