Prime Minister Theresa May has unveiled plans for a Centre for Data Ethics, which will offer guidance on the regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Making her announcement, Mrs May also warned machines will be carrying out many more jobs and so must be taught how to make ethical decisions.
This has led to a rash of headlines. A robot took my job. AI invades Leeds office. Computers take over Cardiff call centre.
Yes, the scare stories have been in overdrive as recruitment analysts outdo one another with warnings of new technology stealing jobs.
While it’s true artificial intelligence (AI) and automation may see some short-term losses, applied science also looks certain to boost economic productivity – and, in turn, create many new roles for mere humans in England and Wales.

Five jobs in particular that are set to thrive in 2018

IT professionals
It’s only natural that IT pros will be surfing the first wave of new recruitment. This year there will be huge demand for web and mobile software developers in particular.
It’s predicted that the UK’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) workforce will grow by 39% before 2030.
According to the recent government-backed Digital Skills Report an astonishing 93% of tech companies are finding a digital skills gap is affecting their operations.
This makes 2018 an employee’s market for graduates, whose skills are needed in growth areas such as big data, mobile telecoms and FinTech.

AI engineers
Working hand-in-hand with IT will be the pioneers of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
In 2018 tech companies will be hiring skilled AI engineers to use their magic to develop ‘smart’ products.
Just days ago, the new Science and Universities Minister Sam Gyimah praised the AI being developed at Imperial College London.
He met with academics to witness cutting-edge research projects into AI, robotics and medical innovations.

Video Game Streamers
Also granted VIP status in 2018 will be video game streamers, many thousands of whom play live every day on sites such as Twitch. Millions of viewers tune in on phones, laptops, and TVs to watch their online heroes play – and reap rewards.

Renewable Energy Engineers and Technicians
Renewable energy is another fast-moving sector that promises to power up in 2018.
Low-carbon technologies generated half of the UK’s electricity in 2017, outstripping the combined power from coal and gas for the first time, according to figures from the Carbon Brief website.
As the level of investment in renewables increases, so too will the number of renewable energy engineers and technicians hired to plan projects and build facilities.

Health & Social Care Professionals
Finally, important not only for the economic but physical and mental wellbeing of the UK, are those on the frontline of health and social care.
Although many medical and social care jobs are being partially automated, human empathy and the personal touch are fundamental to healing.
When you also take into account the ageing population in England and Wales, 2018 will bring many new opportunities for health and social care workers.

So why not make 2018 the year you make your mark for humankind? Start by taking a look at the top five jobs, and many more, available right now.