Four out of five doctors fear for the future of the NHS post-Brexit, according to a new survey. The poll of more than 1000 medics found the majority believes the impact on the NHS of leaving the European Union will be negative. 

The British Medical Association (BMA) is now urging the government to consider implementing permanent residence for EU doctors and medical researchers currently in the UK – there are 60,000 NHS staff in England who are nationals of other EU countries. 

Brexit worries have already inflicted a cruel summer for UK farmers. The British Summer Fruits trade body has said its members were as much as 15% short of labour and that may reach 30% by the autumn harvest. 

Farming is only one industry wondering how vacancies will be filled once the UK leaves the EU. There are roles across many sectors that will be looking for new candidates.  

Of course, this recruitment challenge also presents opportunities for those seeking new jobs right now. 


Uncertainty over Brexit is felt most keenly in the NHS in England and Wales but there are opportunities for people of all ages to train for crucial roles such as nursing. 

There is a choice of routes to get into the profession, with the possibility of specialising in areas such as mental health and children’s nursing. 

As well as being based in hospitals, nurses can also work in care homes, health centres or in the community, visiting people in their own homes. 

There is now the possibility of becoming a nursing degree apprentice and anyone can apply. Most apprenticeships will take four years but prior learning could shorten this. Apprentices – who won’t have to pay anything as the training will be paid by the employers – will be expected to study part-time as well as have practical training. 

Kitchen Porter 

Despite the hierarchy of any kitchen, it needs to work as a team to get meals out to customers.  

Starting as a kitchen porter is the perfect way to find out if catering is the industry for you. It can be hard work and involves keeping the kitchen running smoothly – from unloading the deliveries to making sure chefs have all the equipment they need to basic food preparation.  

When applying for a catering role online you will need to show enthusiasm and a positive outlook – and, with all that toing and froing, own a pair of comfortable shoes.  


To some this might seem like the most basic of professions and yet it’s a role that’s incredibly important, will always keep you in work and could even lead to starting a business of your own.  

There are different skills needed depending on where you are cleaning, from offices and hospitals to restaurants and pubs.  

Window cleaners, meanwhile, will need a head for heights and there are even cleaners who specialise in crime scenes. 

Above all, employers will be looking for reliability and efficiency. 


How often have you heard that plumbers are always busy? We certainly could do with a few more in the UK.  

Like most trades people, good plumbers can look forward to enjoying a long and lucrative career.  

Training can begin by being taken on as an apprentice, with day release training. Those looking to train at a more mature age can take their first steps at a Further Education college. The minimum qualification is NVQ Level 2 in England and Wales. 

Learning skills such as heating engineering and joining the Gas Safe Register will expand the work you can do. 

While the political and economic road to Brexit is uncertain, one thing is for sure: you can still find a straight path to a new career.