A body called Games Workers Unite has been launched in London to organise how the video gaming industry treats its employees. 

Despite having enjoyed global success, the UK’s gaming sector is relatively new and is generally populated by a younger workforce. 

The organisers of Games Workers Unite claim this means there is a potential for companies to take advantage of the aspirations of those trying to get into what is generally viewed as the most glamorous part of the IT industry. 

With this new support now in place to protect workers’ rights, it could be the perfect time for gamers to consider the roles currently available right across the UK. 

Software Developer 

The excitement of games is nothing without the software that runs it. The software developer is at the coalface of this industry in many ways, creating the building blocks of the finished product.  

There are many routes into this role, including apprenticeships where showing a range of basic programming skills can help to secure on-the-job training with a games company. 

There are academic routes, too, from foundation courses to HNDs and university degrees in computing.  

With a computing or IT qualification, you can also boost your chances of landing a role by looking for a postgraduate course that concentrates on games development. 

Project Manager 

Like any production – and many games are now as intricate as a Hollywood movie – the development of a new title needs to run smoothly in timescales, budgets and to the client’s brief.  

Although knowledge of the games industry is a benefit, project management is a transferrable skill in itself. 

If you have a qualification or experience in project management, business management or using information systems, this could easily transfer into the world of games development. 

This is a hi-tech business so knowledge of management software will be important.  

Remember, you’ll also be dealing with creative types so it will be up to you to set some firm deadlines to ensure every game is delivered on time!  

Digital Marketing 

The world of computer games is incredibly competitive, so if you work for a UK company that produces its games to market rather than passing them on to a larger publisher, the word needs to get out there. 

That’s where digital marketing comes in – for an audience that works, plays and almost lives online.  

Knowing your tech-savvy audience is key to selling any game through digital channels effectively, including all social media as well as the company website and mobile marketing apps.  

It’s not just about the tech though – your marketing ideas need to be fresh and relevant. 

Web Developer 

The skills of the web developer are vital to the UK games industry – whether that’s creating the website for the company itself, for the games it creates or the mobile games and apps that are vital to any company’s development. 

The skills a web developer has – including writing code and design – are transferable to creating games too.  

As a developer will know how people interact with a screen and, whether it’s the back end or front end or in some cases both, these talents can help create visually exciting games that are also solid in their construction. 

If you’d like to get your game on with a brand new career, seek out the latest vacancies online.