A new report has shown that last year was a worrying time for companies in the UK, with an estimated one in five employees resigning from their roles.  

The figures from XpertHR show the rate was 19% – this is compared to 15.5% in 2016.  

Why is this happening and what can companies do to improve staff retention?  

Well, this challenge falls to those who are responsible for recruitment and creating a working environment that makes valuable and well-trained staff want to stay. 

The Human Resources department is also there to keep firms efficient and working smoothly – and that’s precisely why there are so many opportunities across the UK to join the vibrant HR sector right now. 

Human Resources Officer 

This can be a competitive area, particularly in desirable companies, so it can help to have a dedicated qualification in HR management – whether that’s an HND, degree or post-graduate qualification. 

It’s also possible to work as an in-house trainee in an HR department, where you’ll be expected to show off talents such as effective communication and organisational skills. 

Apart from dealing with recruitment and steering the company’s employment policy, your HR role can also involve aspects such as dealing with grievances and disciplinary procedures.  

The really fun stuff, of course, is helping employees continually upskill through training and development in order to advance their own careers. 

Training officer 

This can be an interesting way to diversify and move into a specialist area of HR, especially if you enjoy working with employees one-on-one or in groups. 

For this role you should be comfortable and skilled in presentation, as well as have a strong desire to motivate others to take part in training – particularly those who may previously have been resistant to new ways of professional development. 

The job can also involve designing new training materials that are relevant to today’s employment legislation and will deliver results quickly and efficiently. 

Recruitment consultant 

Many companies choose to outsource their recruitment. They may require specialist recruitment skills or be in the early stages of formation and so need to recruit their very own HR Manager and Assistants. 

Essentially, this position can work like a sales role, selling the company to the right candidates and vice versa.  

With success comes bigger rewards as often your salary can be increased through commissions. 

A consultant can also keep an eye on the market and pass on informed advice about salaries and expected working conditions to both the companies and candidates.  

This can be an incredibly competitive area, particularly when dealing with the senior management end of the scale in sectors where turnover and demand are high.  

There are courses in recruitment but working up the ladder is possible for those with good sales and negotiation skills. 

Health and Safety Adviser 

More than ever companies need to be absolutely rock solid when it comes to sticking to health and safety laws.  

Health and safety advisers will make sure that employees’ wellbeing is looked after and companies themselves are kept safe from potential lawsuits. 

There are many different qualifications available for this role but these must be approved by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).  

An existing degree in many areas can help you transfer your skills to the role – such as certificates in construction, business, management or even law. There are also starter qualifications from NVQ level. 

HR is a sector that’s constantly changing and becoming more challenging as the legislation evolves, but this is also what makes it incredibly satisfying.  

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