During these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to keep the UK working, and x1jobs is here to help do just that.   

We know that many of you will have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and we want to support you through this difficult time.   

Although many industries are slowing down or temporarily closing, sectors such as Retail, Logistics & Distribution, Production & Manufacturing, Social Care and Customer Services are critical to the UK. These industries ensure we have the supplies we need and that our vulnerable loved ones are cared for.  

Many British companies operating in these key industries are looking to hire staff just like you and are turning to x1jobs to help them find candidates.  

The Retail industry has been put through its paces recently and with many non-essential stores such as clothing shops forced to close the pandemic has had a huge impact. Some retailers such as Zara have made a clever pivot into manufacturing key equipment such as face masks but there have been many workers who have lost their jobs or been put on indefinite furlough.   

However, supermarkets and other food stores have seen a massive spike in demand. Panic buying and social distancing rules have meant that they have had to change how they operate but business is still booming. This increased demand has led to a surge in vacancies for Customer Assistants and Stock Assistants, which would be a perfect transition for anyone who has previously worked in Retail or Customer Service and you can find plenty of these roles on x1jobs.com.   

There has also been a huge surge in the number of people in need of delivery service and retailers have been giving there all to keep up. This has meant an ongoing drive to recruit new delivery drivers and staff to pack the orders.   

Companies within Logistics & Distribution have seen a similar spike in demand, as more and more people turn to online shopping to avoid unnecessarily leaving their home, and have been urgently seeking Warehouse Assistants, Picker/Packers and Delivery Drivers.   

Many of these roles require little to no experience, so if you’re not able to work within your field right now this might be a viable option to keep your income going.   

The Social Care sector is also being pushed to the limit by the pandemic as new measures are taken to ensure that those most vulnerable are kept safe and comfortable during the lockdown.  

Like Logistics, many Care roles on x1jobs right now are entry-level so even if you don’t have previous experience you might have the right transferrable skills to gain employment here.   

Admittedly, these jobs aren’t for everyone as they can often be emotionally demanding but if you’re patient, passionate and caring in temperament you’ll fit right in. A career in social care can be extremely rewarding and you’ll no doubt make lasting connections with the people you look after.   

This week we’ve launched a new campaign that celebrates those who are Working for The South East through this crisis and aims to bring together the companies operating in key industries that are seeking staff and those who need to find work.  

We’ll be encouraging people across the South East to use #WorkingFortheSouthEast  across social media to share their stories of key workers doing an outstanding job so we can show our appreciation to the people working on the front line of the pandemic.   

We’ll also be posting all the latest job vacancies on x1jobs to our social media channels so that those urgently seeking work can easily see what’s on offer. We’d also like to invite businesses to use this hashtag either when posting current opportunities or highlighting the key services they are providing the nation.   

So, whether your employment has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and you require immediate work, or you are simply continuing your job hunt, x1jobs are here for you.    

We have thousands of roles from temporary to remote, Warehouse Operatives to Support Workers and Customer Assistants to Cleaners x1jobs.com are here to support the individuals #WorkingFortheSouthEast .