So I didn’t watch the Strictly launch show.

And yes, I am still a massive fan - I just find that bit extremely cringey and, if I may be so bold, a tad boring.

Shiny sparkly ladies and men, stand next to Tess, also shiny and sparkly,and get matched up with their dance partners.

They each have their five minutes to tell us all why they are so excited, why this is their dream come true, why they do have some dance training but nothing like this.

Ashley who was in Pussycat Dolls and the jungle a few years back, still perplexes me.

She can tell me til she is blue in the face her dancing background is not Latin or ballroom but it still gives her an advantage - she can follow choreography for a start and obviously has rhythm and a few moves.

To treat her on the same level as say Susannah who used to tell people what skirts to wear, or Kate who reads the news and looks a lot like Natasha who won the first ever series, is just not fair. It doesn’t make it okay just because you mention it at the launch show.

So after half hour I turned off - well after Vick Hope (she does a radio show apparently) won the cringe award for how she reacted to being matched to her dance partner.

I hate myself for saying all this because I do love Strictly. It makes it okay to be in on a Saturday/Sunday night, it is something we can all sit down and watch and discuss.

It is not the X-Factor which gets more predictable by the minute. I am not a fan of the new judges - I just don’t think Louis, nice and philanthropic as he is in helping the lad who had lost his way but showed huge potential, is that experienced in being able to spot talent. Being good at football doesn’t meant you would make a good coach, being good at something yourself doesn’t always translate into being a good teacher of it. It is almost as if Simon has given him a little book of phrases he can use, depending on how the auditionee fares.

I feel sad for those who get him as a mentor - he is just there being he was pretty and was in One Direction. Since I appear to be so jaded with these televisual staples it is a good thing there is a wealth of juicy drama on the go right now, the Bodyguard leading the charge on the BBC. I obviously had to have a little watch of Press, which is mainly about national news but journalism in general, so I could have a shout about how it was mainly wrong. Entertaining, but not really like how it is.