A SCREENED premiere of a music video made which epitomises inclusivity in the music and arts community of Southend, is taking place on Friday afternoon at the Railway Hotel.
Featuring “trans, queer, straight and glam” band T-Bitch together with the guys and gals from Project 49 - a day service for adults with learning disabilities - the film depicts a “gig with a difference”. 
It shows the band, “extravagantly and wildly dressed”, slam through their song Pretty in front of a lively audience and film crew, all made up of Project 49 members. 
The exciting filming event took place at The Old Waterworks, a community arts venue and gallery in North Street, Southend. 
Southend artist Andy Downes provided a live-painted mural behind the performing band, emblazoned with the slogan ‘Recognise Us’. 
Project 49’s co-ordinator of community inclusion, Pete Shrimplin, says of the event: “This video is a fantastic and fun way to promote the creativity and inclusiveness of Southend. We always aim to help breakdown stereotyping of people with learning disabilities and are more than happy to work with T Bitch who do the same for the LGBTQ community. We value everyone and we’re all pretty!” 
T-Bitch’s singer and drummer Stevie Bitch added: “This was one of the most enjoyable projects T-Bitch have ever been involved with! The Project 49 folks are an absolute pleasure to work with and we hope the message of acceptance and inclusivity comes across as we hope.”
 The completed video will premiere at 2pm on Friday February 7 at The Railway Hotel, Clifftown Road, Southend, as part of a regular event called Jump Up and Join In held at the pub and hosted by Project 49. Jump Up and Join in is an all inclusive open mic where the Project 49 members are encouraged to express their musical talents in front of a live pub audience.
Project 49 is an “award winning community based resource providing innovative services for adults with learning disabilities in the Southend”, run by Southend Care Ltd, in Alexandra Street.