SAM Avery has won awards for his comedic blog about his experiences as a new parent. His subsequent book – The Learner Parent – became a bestseller.
Now the Liverpudlian comedian is bringing his stand up show to the stage of The Palace Theatre in Westcliff, with his show Toddlergeddon.
The blurb on his show promotional material reads: ‘The time is 4.17pm. No-one is dressed yet. Civilisation has collapsed. Law and order has broken down. The kids are high on sugar. The adults have lost control. Every conversation is an argument. The coffee has run out. A child scribbles on the wall. Someone spills a drink. Everyone is shouting. This is Toddlergeddon.’
If you are a parent or carer of a small person, you’ll get the picture.
“I suppose it makes people laugh about the things that we all struggle with as parents” said Sam, talking about why he thinks his blog has struck a chord with so many people. “More often than not, comedy comes from the battles and challenges than the little victories so it seems to bring everyone together.”
But did he expect his blog to be such a hit and win awards?
“Not at all!” he said, “I only started it so I wouldn’t forget certain key moments of the early years of parenthood. At best, I thought I might get five minutes of new stand up out of it for my club set.”
Not only does Sam work on the comedy club set, but he is also the director of the Liverpool Comedy Festival run by The Comedy Trust. You could therefore say he therefore has a lot of experience in putting on a good set.
With that said, he feels Toddergeddon is going to be is best yet.
“It’s 90 mins of the best stand up I’ve ever written and with this show, I’m focusing on the transition from nurturing a baby to trying to set your toddler off on the right course for the rest of their life, which is a pretty hefty job we all have to take on. Oh, and there’s poo jokes too” he said.
It’s not the first time he has been to Essex, having visited Southend and Colchester venues in the past.
“I came to both places on the first tour and had a blast – both at the shows and in the boozer with some old friends afterwards. To be honest, I normally treat each trip away to a hotel without the kids as a mini spa break and try to cram in as much sleep as possible.”
Toddlergeddon is at The Palace Theatre, Westcliff, on Thursday February 6, and  Colchester Arts Centre on March 6.