ORGANISED car meets, reopening a “magical kingdom” and live performances at the Kursaal are just some of the events readers want to see return to Southend.

With news of Southend Council considering a pop-up illuminations event in the near future, hundreds of people had their say on the Echo’s Facebook over other attractions they want to make a comeback.

A popular answer is Never Never Land, which previously was in the shrubbery of Southend Cliffs opposite the then Peter Pan’s playground.

The full rock garden was closed and reopened several times, with a portion of it restored in 2019.

Alan Bent said: “I remember Never Never Land, the Guinness Clock, Peter Pan’s playground with Popeye the sailor and the pit and the pendulum man at the entrance to the wax works at the Golden Hind mid 50s.”

Echo: Restored - Part of Never Never land was repainted in 2016

Marie Swanson said: “Saturday car meets, used to love some of the awesome cars that would turn up. People would eat, drink and attend the arcades. Mind you, the arcades were much better with two player beat ‘em ups and stuff.”


Clare Woollard said: “I’d like to see the illuminations. The airshow is an experience for people, but not an advantage for local businesses.

“They lose out to outside caterers and businesses selling within their locality.”

Southend Airshow last took place in 2012, and recent debates have said that with enough fundraising it could see a return in 2022.

Echo: Popular event - thousands of people headed to the seafront to catch a glimpse of the Southend Airshow in 1988

Andy Wilkins said:”I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say this but bringing back the airshow would be brilliant again. Also I would like some kind of maritime festival in Southend seafront one day so showcase what a rich fishing history our town has though Leigh currently has a day celebrated for it.

“Also would welcome a similar kind of event to T4 on the Beach if that could ever be relaunched one day further down the seafront. They were good days watching them on the telly.”

Echo: Events - People want to see big events at the Kursaal

Trevor Coleman said: “The proper Kursaal as it was with wall of death, the rotor and all the outside stuff it use to have, such as the knock lady out of bed.

“That’s the proper Kursaal, not the one we have now.”