I HAVE sort of lost the plot with the goings-on in the jungle already.

It’s a lot of air-time to keep up with, even for a self-confessed telly addict.

An hour a night, and then more chat about it in the show afterwards during which Joe Swash, Scarlett Moffatt and Joel Dommett basically just giggle for an hour.

I can’t keep up with it and for my sanity, and that of the other people living in our house, we have to incorporate other viewing matter.

Other viewing matter that is specifically not dancing-based or involving people “going on a journey” or trying to make their dreams come true.

Top of our current list is Condor, based on the 1970s book and film Three Days of the Condor which starred Robert Redford.

Subtle it is not, but entertaining and twisty, it most certainly is.

Max Irons, yes, son of Jeremy, plays a young CIA operative who ends up on the run after he is set up for something he didn’t do.

To be honest, I am not totally clear on the intricacies of the plot but since I failed to comprehend anything that was going on in the similarly spy-based drama Little Dummer Girl which is currently leading the way on the BBC this was our best shot at something grown-up.

It’s deeply implausible, like all enjoying drama no doubt, but the action zips along and there is a starry cast which includes William Hurt and Mira Sorvino as well as Brendan Fraser, almost unrecognisable from his days as the dashing swashbuckling lead in the original Mummy movies As well as being a plausible romantic lead, it turns out he also does “slightly creepy” pretty well too.

Essentially, our hero, Joe (Max Irons), really is having a very bad time of it - and he doesn’t really know who he can trust.

We, the viewers, don’t really know either and whereas in the old days of telly you just knew a main character would never be bumped off, this is no longer the case.

Big budgets and an approach to making programmes which is akin to making a whole series of feature films means you can never assume someone is safe.

It is both thrilling and downright annoying.

I’m still cross about what happened in series four of Dexter and, quite frankly, that’s when it all started to go a bit wrong for me.

There is always a danger of a long-running series losing its momentum too so while I am happy to hear Condor is getting a second series I don’t want it to outstay its welcome.

Dexter really did flounder from series five onwards and I got my husband to tell me what happened in the last series of the Sons of Anarchy because I just stopped caring about any of the character.

And slight more recently, the final series of House of Cards is said to be an insult to all that went before.

I guess losing the central character, with the much-talked about departure of Kevin Spacey, was too much even for a show as popular as this one was.

Also, when do these people actually sleep ?

Our hero Joe Turner, in Condor, has managed about three hours in around 48 and Dexter basically just operated having had zero shut eye.

I know we are expected to suspend a certain amount if belief but it’s that sort of thing that starts to make my interest wane.

But I at least get the plot.