From the creators of the unforgettable Drake series comes the latest game in their movie-game style, The Last of Us. You play as Joel, an average Joe caught up in a global viral outbreak, creating, you’ll never guess, zombies, sort of.

Unfortunately these are not your cliché zombies. They're more like sprinting animals, ready to snack on your flesh and destroy your body.
You find yourself in what they call the QZ, or quarantine zone.

These are no safe haven, as it turns out. There is constant fear of the military busting down your door to 'scan' you, and the possibility contracting the infection.
It's not until you find yourself in a scuffle involving the Fireflies - a rebel group created to take down the military - that you end up with your companion Ellie. She's a teenager with a huge secret, but you'll have to play it to find out what!

You're forced into the wastes of the United States, a place full of evil. From the infected, to military patrols, to the human gangs, all surviving as one. It's complete dog-eat-dog madness.

There are two different approaches to the story. My favourite at the moment is complete stealth. It is possible to creep through the game with hardly any fatalities on your hands. Or, you can run and gun.

Weapons are extremely customisable. You collect cogs throughout the game, which give you points to go towards upgrades. Weapons can range from stat upgrades, accuracy, recoil, to adding parts to it such as extended clips and scopes. Melee weapons are my favourite. The game is done in such a way that melee weapons and fists make you seem like an all powerful God, although some enemies it is impossible to kill this way.

TLOU's story is so engaging, it is like you are playing a movie. Naughty Dog has worked hard on the script - it flows with realism and is apt for each situation. Facial expressions throughout the game are something of a masterpiece. There are bits of dialogue that reflect to what's happening in the game at the time. Do not miss these.