Massive scale run about shooting almost everything that moves, and pretty much everything that doesn’t. Until you shoot it that is, and then it generally explodes in a dazzling array of light and debris.

This is Starhawk, pretty much a follow up to Warhawk from a few years back.

It’s excellent fun charging across the landscapes – one set piece looks more wild west than an outer space future world.

Lots of guns, lots and lots of vehicles and lots and lots and, yep, lots of challenges.

This Playstation 3 game will have you on your heels most of the time. You get some team mates, but as usual, and as required, they are pretty much useless and it is down to you to get things done. No hanging back here folks. Just get in there soldier and do your duty.

Third person shooters are not my fave – much prefer the first person set, but this means you do get to see a lot of your surroundings. A helpful HUD helps you spot the baddies.

As Emmett, a gunslinger, you get to sort out hordes of them to erm, proably save the universe. To heck with the storyline about mining and sort of zombie-ised former miners, all you want to do is go on collecting bigger and bigger weapons and vehicles.  And to drop buildings on them from your orbital supply base.

Multiplayer should be top line with this one with up to 32 players on one map.