I LIKE Jason Manford.

He is the sort of comedian you could definitely go for a drink with and he would probably have you chuckling the entire evening.

You could be friends with him. But he definitely hasn’t quite found his footing when it comes to television.

Which might be why he keeps popping up in odd games shows which aren’t quite raising him to the heady heights of Bradley Walsh or Alexander Armstrong. They all present quiz shows, they all fancy themselves as singers as well as comedians. Only two of them host hit game shows.

And the recently launched, What Would Your Kid Do ? is not going to be Jason’s longed for breakthrough.

Noel Edmonds started this on his late 80s and early 90s Saturday night entertainment shows and Ant and Dec stole it for a while. Kids are funny and embarrass their parents - it is a surefire hit.

But this latest ITV offering is odd - the little girl who won got to choose from two different prizes - so in a Bullseye style twist the poor parents had to watch her choose an electric powered toy car over a luxury family cruise.

She even knew they would have wanted to pick the cruise.

But she didn’t and they pretended to look super proud of her when she climbed in to her shiny car and trundled round the studio, knowing in their hearts it will be rotting in their garden come the summer.

I kept hoping Jason would interject and say ‘ha ha only joking, you get the cruise as well.’ He didn’t and it went the same way as all those speedboats and caravans, sadly towed off by Bully.

So not only did the parents learn their five-year-old daughter is willing to cheat at games and lie outright to adults - they don’t even get a holiday for their troubles.

The whole thing was dressed up a bit like a social study, ripping off Channel 4’s hugely successful Secret Life of Five/six/eleventybillion-year-olds, but essentially it was just an exercise in shaming youngsters and their clueless adults.

Parents are just so silly aren’t they? Jason is also wasted in that thing where people jog about dressed in over-sized papier mache heads to look like a random group of celebrities.

We watched this, imaginatively titled Big Heads, a couple of times and the well-known faces range from Mo Farah to Taylor Swift.

There is no real logic to it and the contestants are only introduced once they have lost - so, hilariously, it isn’t the US president Donald Trump, it’s Colin - a painter and decorator from Ramsgate. But I guess it is paying Jason’s bills.