THERE was once a time when we had to wait to find out what happens in our favourite shows.

Nowadays you can download entire series instead of having to accept that out-moded way of doing things.

Spend a week waiting and pondering on the cliff hanger ?

No thanks, I want to stay up into the small hours and my eyes are stinging so I can find out what happens in the end. Then I can be that person who goes on Facebook ten hours after they finally released the second series of Stranger Things and smugly asks when the next one will be made.

They are also the person who passed their driving test the same day the turned 17 and got their maths GCSE a year before every one else.

Actually, no I don’t want to be that person.

But having the opportunity to go ahead a bit if you want to, is a welcome and handy tool for both television producers and viewers.

I am not quite sure why some get put on all at once and others don’t.

ITV are not so keen on doing that but the BBC and Sky Atlantic have made it a calling card.

In some cases I have watched the entire show when I might not have stuck with it had I been doing so on a week by week basis.

The much trumpeted Save Me, Lennie James and Doctor Foster’s Suranne Jones, is definitely an example of this.

I pushed on through to the end - desperate to see if Nelly’s missing daughter would be found - wading through pretty dark and disturbing subject matter - and didn’t feel that satisfied with the final episode.

But I do think this needed to be watched quite quickly, maybe not in one go, in order to keep a bit of momentum going.

Sometimes it doesn’t work in the favour of the programme - if we had all watched the first series of Marcella in once sitting it might have further exposed plot holes.

The second series of that show sticks with you after episode - like a slightly sour smell. It has a host of storylines all winding around each other and, as I have said, while it really is not cheerful, it is compelling and very cleverly crafted. I admit I have had to fast forward through a few scenes because they were so unbearably tense. I really do hope they have thought about the ending a bit more than the last outing though and avoid just picking the least likely person a la Scooby Doo and decide they’re the baddie - it needs to actually stack up.

We might binge watch, but us telly addicts still care about the details.