We watch Ant and Dec every week on Saturday Night Takeaway.

This probably wouldn’t happen if we didn’t have kids but there is no doubt it really is perfect family entertainment.

There are japes aplenty, wish fulfilment on a grand scale, top performers willing to laugh at themselves and at the heart of it the two Geordie besties, living their own dream.

Except, it turns out, one of them isn’t.

Behind the, what now with hindsight appears to be an overly jolly, facade Ant appears to have been hiding the fact he has not actually got over the ill health he suffered in the summer.

Aside from what happened at the weekend which has led to the uncertainty now surrounding the show, there are so many question marks hanging over it all.

Yes, I am vaguely interested to know if they will go ahead again, pairing Dec with a temporary stand-in.

But really I want to know everyone who won a ticket to go to America for the series finale will actually get to go.

I will admit I cry every week when they hand out those golden tickets.

Yes it is emotionally manipulative but I can’t help it.

Even my daughter remonstrates with me but I know how much a trip for a family to Florida would cost. Most families can literally only dream of this which is why they leap off their sofa and scrabble at each other with joy when they get given a chance to do so for free.

On Mother’s Day weekend they gave a place to a man who was single handedly bringing up his children after the death of his wife - his mother-in-law had nominated him.

Most recently three husbands ran 5km to the studios in the a race to get there first and win a place on the plane for him and his wife and family - they end up giving all three a ticket and one of them even proposed.

I want to know they and the other 200 people will all be going on their holiday - I really hope they do.

I obviously also hope everyone involved in what happened at the weekend recover and get the help they need. Regardless of what you think about famous people this surely is a salutory lesson in that you can never be rich or famous enough to escape the realities of life. Famous and successful people still get ill and as trite as it sounds, good health is something you just can’t put a price on. And even if you can’t stand Ant and Dec and find their show too indulgent, at least they have been bringing a bit of happiness each week and basically delivering a show that involves the audience a huge amount and does not rely on finding out the hidden talents of celebs.