I QUITE like the newly refurbished Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?

Which has shocked me a bit because I really have no warm televisual feelings for Jeremy Clarkson.

I never watched Top Gear, I don’t like his shouty neanderthal man persona and my heart did sink when I heard he would be taking over from Chris Tarrant who led it to its dizzyingly successful heights at the turn of the Millennium.

And to be fair, Chris became a bit of a caricature with the constant hammy pauses between answers and handing over of cheques only to be theatrically whipped back with another of his witty catchphrases.

There is no flapping of such outmoded methods of payment in this re-boot.

Jez simply announces the cash will be transferred direct into the contestant’s bank account.

And they smoothly addressed concerns over the phone a friend simply googling the answer by revealing show researchers had been sent to chaperone them.

Jeremy is also personally involved thanks to a new life-line - ask the host.

Time will tell how successful that will be and in the shows I watched there weren’t any big winners.

At least he appears to have ended the ridiculously long pauses between letting the players know if they have been successful.

Even if the show doesn’t emulate its previous success, I do think Clarkson was a random, but actually quite clever choice.

Another show I have been loving this week is Love in the Countryside which helps farmers, often losers in love due to long days and living in isolated areas, look for romance.

I vaguely remember them having a go at this a few years ago and now it is back in a new guise with Radio 2 DJ Sara Cox guiding the starstruck hopefuls through the muddy waters of dating.

Like all dating shows it has a high cringe factor with viewers being fairly clear from the outset where things are going.

Before Peter even invited her to the farm we could see Francesca was not going to be a good fit for rural life.

Alarm bells rang further still for us all when she decided she would not need to pack wellington boots to take with her to the farm.

She seemed genuinely surprised to find she would not be happy living on a farm.

Nobody watching it was - but it obviously made good television when she had a little row with the old farmers’ wives in the pub.

I genuinely can’t wait to find out how Pete and the rest get on and it is actually quite poignant in places.

Finding love is an emotive business at the best of times.