IF someone asked you if you wanted to watch the wedding video of someone you hardly knew I can’t imagine many people being too keen.

You might politely agree if only because you were interested in seeing the bride’s dress and what colour she chose for her bridesmaids.

I doubt you would be too fussed about sitting through the whole thing.

This is how I feel about the Royal Wedding this weekend. I love a good wedding, but for me it is important I actually know the people involved.

When William married Kate I tuned in for about half an hour so I could see her dress and what Pippa was wearing then I duly went about my daily business.

I am even less interested in this one and it might be because every time I turn on the television I am treated to ideas for how I can celebrate.

I could deck my house with bunting, don a swimming costume with Harry or Meghan’s face on, or buy a cardboard face mask and just wear that while I have a special tea party for friends and neighbours.

Or I could just do something more constructive with the hours of screen time the wedding will take up like mow the lawn.

Maybe I am jaded from the fact I am old enough to remember at least four of the Queen’s children getting married, some of them twice over.

I would actually be more interested in watching what goes on at the reception - which I assume cameras will not be invited to. I mean, those are going to be some seriously good wedding favours.....

As well as trying to avoid watching the myriad programmes leading up to the big wedding, I have also been watching some new dramas.

Top of the list is Noel Clarke’s new big budget cop drama Bulletproof which premiered on Sky 1 this week.

It has been a while since there has been a buddy cop drama and Noel and Ashley Walters have a decent chemistry, which is a good start.

They have described it like being a Bad Boys, Will smith 1990s film, set in London but the issue with this is their renegade approach is completely at odds with English laws.

These were ignored throughout the first episode until their boss pointed out they had to release a suspect because the boys had entered a property without a warrant.

They should just suspend belief the whole way through and then we could just accept this is completely unbelievable but fun anyway.

The least conceivable idea surely being a married couple would attempt a romantic bath together, with candles, whilst their young child was still up.