HAVING avoided sitting through hours of Meghan and Harry’s wedding, I did end up catching some of it.

It was almost impossible not to be swept up in the continuous discussion about what everyone was wearing, whether guests were smiling enough and who was sitting with who.

Even if you didn’t turn the television on, once it was all over and the happy couple had swept out in their posh car for their posh party, there was the incessant social media diatribe.

How could Kate have the temerity to wear white? Turns out it was a very pale yellow.

How nice they left a seat next to Prince William in a silent homage to Princess Diana!

They didn’t, it was kept free because the Queen, who finds that front seat too uncomfortable, was sitting behind and no-one can obscure her view.

How naughty was Prince George during the service!!?? Er, he had a little chat with one of the other pageboys and was seen enjoying himself.

And so it has gone on...and on.

Congratulations to them - but I am glad it is over.

And with the BBC and ITV saturated with the Royal Wedding, Channel 4 celebrated the joyous occasion by welcoming back the ultra-bleak dystopian drama the Handmaid’s Tale on Sunday night.

The runaway success of the first series presented a conundrum for the producers in that the source book by Margaret Atwood had reached its conclusion in the last episode, but viewers wanted more.

The first episode of this second series was stomach-churningly grim from the first five minutes to its bitter conclusion.

I implemented the fast forward, watching it on catch-up has serious plus points, at more than one point.

I did keep asking myself why I was pushing on with it, but the storytelling is so good and the central characters really make you care about them.

What this does well is build up the back story of how the world came to be in the situation it finds itself in, which was not explored as deeply in Atwood’s original story.

It might be tough going but I care enough to want to keep watching, to find out if they will make it through.

But it is not for the faint-hearted.

And I am not sure I could sit through a third series of June/Offred’s hardships.

At some point I do want to see Aunt Lydia and the nasty lady who wants Offred/June to have a baby for her, seriously get their comeuppance.

And for Joseph Fiennes to have something more to do than look slightly sinister.

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