IT would basically be really rude of me not to foist upon you my views on what you should be watching on your telly boxes this festive season.

Much fun and joy is to be had with a host of programmes being offered up for us to enjoy.

So here is my top ten of things to look out for - they might not all be jolly, but I do think they will be entertaining.

1. The Strictly Come Dancing Festive Special; BBC1 Christmas Day There you are, sat nursing a great big fat belly and promising not a single morsel will ever pass your lips again until at least the cheese and crackers hove into view at about 6pm and what would you really, really like to watch ?

A host of spandex-bedecked celebs spinning about the dance floor in a bid to win the Christmas Strictly crown of course.

It will either make you want to throw up your pud or swear to get trim and head for dance lessons in the new year - but either way it is feel good tv we all need on Christmas Day.

2. Call the Midwife ; BBC 1 Christmas Day

Who doesn't want to watch people give birth whilst they attempt to digest their Christmas dinner ?

This is one of my absolute favourite programmes of the last ten years and it is only right we get a much-needed gentle dose of nostalgia and social history on the big day.

3. Les Miserables ; BBC 1 December 30

I have a few misgivings about this in that, without the songs and choreography, it might just be, well, miserable.

But this is such a fine cast it has to be one of the picks of the season.

It is currently the law for Olivia Colman to be in anything British made (she also lends her voice to Watership Down) so she pops up here as the awful Mrs Tornardier alongside Dominic West, David Oyelowo and Lily Collins as the ill-fated Fantine.

4. Luther ; BBC 1 New year's Day

Technically a New Year programme but still a must-see over the season to be merry.

The thing is, Luther is not very merry and neither is the subject matter here but it is gripping stuff and Idris Elba defines the word charismatic.

So it has to be on my must-see list.

5. Watership Down ; Saturday Dec 22/Sunday December 23

Beautiful animation, a gripping story and the voices of some of the leading actors of the time mean this is going to be an early festive gift this weekend.

James McAvoy is good, in my humble opinion, in just about everything he does and always good value when he appears in interviews so this bodes well for this project which has been years in the making.

6. The ABC Murders ; Boxing Day BBC1

Another famous type gets a crack at Hercule Poirot, this time American thesp John Malkovich.

Good also to see Rupert Grint, of Ron Weasley/Harry Potter fame, getting a proper role to get his teeth into.

7. Torvill & Dean ; ITV1 Christmas Day

You start to feel old when TV dramas chronicle events you clearly remember.

But whether you sat down and watched them dance the Bolero first time around or are just a Dancing on Ice fan, the story of the Nottingham teens bound for stardom is perfect festive fair. Pass the Quality Street, we're ready.

8. The Great British Bake-off Channel 4 Christmas Day

Four previous contestants head back into the tent of dreams for another crack at getting a handshake from Paul.

All of them are crackers so this should be perfect...with a piece of stollen/Christmas cake.

9. The Queen and I – Christmas Eve Sky One

David Walliams is becoming synonymous with Christmas telly - here he is in a one-off special imagining a world where the Queen has to lead a normal life but don't fear, there is also the annual adaptation of one of his kids' books, the Midnight Gang being shown over the holiday too.

10. Doctor Who - New Year's Day BBC1

I was among those whooping and hollering as Jodie Whittaker totally smashed it and won the hearts of many as she became the first female doctor this year. What a start to the 2019 TV listings this will be.