IF nothing else, getting the bus is quite low down on my list right now thanks to Idris Elba’s latest outing as grizzled detective Luther.

Specifically, the bus at night, but I will leave you to decided if you want to put yourself through it.

I would suggest maybe watch it during daylight hours when it might seem less, well, creepy.

Luther himself didn’t do a great deal of actual sleuthing really, he just swept in every now and then and picked up on a really important clue before heading off in pursuit of gangster types.

You probably do have to have seen the previous four series to pick up on some of the plot threads, not least the arrival of a certain character at the end of the first episode.

This series is being shown on consecutive evenings so it will be all wrapped up tonight and we can, hopefully all just take a few days and then resume public travel without looking behind us all the time.

New Year’s television was quite frankly, to pardon the pun, grizzly.

Moving on from Luther, the big film on the other side was the Revenant, starring Leonardo Di Caprio as a frontiersman badly mauled by a bear.

I will admit I was trying desperately to complete a festive-themed puzzle at the time so was listening more than watching.

But it sounded pretty grim.

Leo certainly earned that Oscar.

It involved a lot of gasping and screaming for what seemed like a prolonged period and in the end I gave up and decided to catch up on it later, although the puzzle was a bit of a welcome distraction to be honest.

I just felt I should watch it since everyone has been telling me for three years what a great film it is.

Generally when everyone starts shouting about how amazing a film/programme is, you end up feeling underwhelmed.

I might have enjoyed La La Land, for example, a bit more if I hadn’t been continuously told how deeply life-changing it would be.

And there have been more than a handful of recent television shows which have fallen into that bracket too.

I managed one episode of the First, a sci-fi space drama starring Sean Penn, and then actually just forgot to watch the rest.

And I liked Orange is the new Black for most of the first season.

But when people asked me, I didn’t want to admit I was finding it a bit repetitive and couldn’t see how we they could get another series out of it let along five more, so I agreed it was great.

And I also disagree with everyone who moaned about Sandra Bullock’s latest movie, Bird Box, which premiered on Netflix last month.

It again seemed to fit the general theme of viewing this year which seemed to be “not very festive”, following the fortunes of a woman trying to steer two young children whilst blindfolded because seeing means certain death at the hands of an unseen entity.

It didn’t disappoint me, as it did some, and I actually thought it was on a par with a Quiet Place, starring Emily Blunt, which it was compared to because in both the senses are used in order to take over civilisation.

Both held their own - both have been massive hits.

We can’t all like the same thing...

But we can suggest something other viewers might like.

It doesn’t meant they have to.