For the last few years I have had a recurring feeling of deja vu when it comes to television and film.

I am seriously concerned there is an ideas shortage.

It might, in fairness, have something to do with the sheer volume of channels and ways in which we are able to view said programmes and films, but seriously, if I have to hear about yet another version of Little Women being brought to our screens I might chuck my remote control through a window.

An open one - I'm not THAT angry about it.

But having heard the currently ubiquitous Saoirse Ronan, she has a new movie out so is doing the rounds, on Graham Norton and the One Show reveal she has filmed a new take on Louisa May Alcott's novel about the March sisters, got me thinking.

I know what happens in that book.

I have seen the Winona Ryder 1990s film version and I watched Ethan Hawke's daughter take on the role of forward-thinking Jo last Christmas when the BBC screened a four part serialisation.

I would boldly suggest it is a book which has been well and truly adapted.

No-one is going to gasp whilst watching Beth, whoever is playing her, breath her last or when she refuses to marry Laurie. If you wanted to watch Little Women, you would have done so by now.

Why are those making shows/films just constantly going over material which has been comprehensively done ?

There must be thousands of books and plays ripe for adaptation.

Similarly, the endless re-boots and re-imaginings of successful projects is getting equally irritating.

Presumably it is to capture new generations who need shiny new versions of things, incorporating young spritely types to make the rest of us feel old.

I don't need that - I just need to watch shows such as Riverdale.

This is a millenial Beverley Hills 90210, for those of us who were teens in the 90s, and just to make us feel really middle-aged even features one of the heart-throbs from its - as the put upon and not very attractive dad of one of the hot young things.

It's described as being "dark" but is essentially an angsty teen drama with lots of earnest looking young types wearing expensive outfits and concerned expressions.

Apparently it is based on a comic-book.

Everything that isn't Little Women, is based on a comic book.

If we aren't going to the cinema to watch the screen version of a successful musical these days, we are watching a superhero film.

An eponymously titled one, a prequel where they were young one and several where they all team up.

Don't get me wrong, some of them are good, as are the re-visits to the successes of yesteryear.

The last three series of Cold Feet have been inspired, must-see TV.

I think I prefer the characters now they are older than when they were callow youngsters and the clever way the writers mess about with plots and time-lines to keep you guessing is inspired.

But I do yearn for a bit of originality, some thinking outside the box.

Although, a history documentary fronted by Danny Dyer might just be too left field even for me to take on board right now.

Only time will tell if I'm right.