IT is almost here.

The final series of a Game of Thrones arrives, with much fanfare, on our screens this week.

A host of self styled Thrones Geeks will set their alarms for the wee small hours in order to simultaneously view the first episode with fellow fans across the pond.

They will then spend the day telling everyone sensible enough not to have bothered, how totally life-changing it is, before watching it again at the normal viewing time on Sky Atlantic.

Then they will all tune into assorted types, usually actors who have had extremely small roles in the show, and jolly comedians discussing the episode with Sue Perkins on Thronecast.

This is the televisual event of the year, ladies and gentlemen.

And one I am a bit indifferent to, if I am meekly honest.

I know I have mentioned this before, lightly in terms of my strict instructions to keep all biscuit-rustling, tea-drinking noises to a minimum during Thrones.

Conversation is prohibited, it earns a theatrical pressing of the remote’s pause button and a very obvious turning of husband’s person toward me, to make it clear this is not acceptable.

I last discussed the viewing of Thrones two years ago, properly, because we have had a hiatus while they create filmic masterpieces of each episode, in order to go out with the proverbial bang.

And there is no doubt this is visually beautiful and acted to within an inch of its life.

My inability to really fully appreciate it probably lies entirely in failings on my part.

I can’t keep up with the plots or the infinite number of characters.

I have so far kept up with them by knowing who the actors are, so my attempts to read the books at one point were disastrous.

Like all world-dominating shows, Game of Thrones has spawned a host of spin offs, headed up by the aforementioned Thronecast.

The iron throne is even on a tour of the country - so people can sit in it and take pictures of themselves.

This week Sue, always brilliant and passionate in all she appears in, suffered the indignity of being called out on the One Show by a superfan who has enjoyed his quarter of an hour of notoriety by spending his time uploading gogglebox style clips of his reactions to watching the show.

She dealt with his assertion a key event she said had happened in series 4, actually occurred in series 3 with her customary self-effacing brilliance.

But yawn - who cares what series it was in ? It was in the show, end of.

I hope he looks back at that and cringes, although he didn’t flinch when they showed him jumping up and down on his sofa while watching a scene featuring the dragons, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is a person with little shame.

And there is no shame in being a superfan of this show, of course there isn’t.

It’s departure will leave a gaping hole in the listings and imaginations of many.

It has changed, pun intended, the game in terms of television viewing and given the small screen a much needed boost during its tenure.

It is only fitting everyone talks about it and so this time around I am determined to really try and get my head round it once and for all.

I might even go back and re-watch the previous series and try to learn who everyone is - just not whilst eating a packet of custard creams.