THINGS which have puzzled me during my viewing week.

Just how did Kate Beckinsale manage to keep such a lustrous ponytail teamed with perfect face/clothes and general demeanour whilst travelling solo through dangerous parts of the world in an effort to track down her missing spouse in the Widow ?

Why is the Southbank Show now on Sky Arts ?

When did that happen - and again in hair related news, how did no-one spot Melvyn Bragg’s was sticking up quite badly towards the tale-end of his interview with Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio ?

And whilst on the subject of Jed - is it really fair for one person to be good so things ?

He can fly planes, is a doctor and also a massively successful scriptwriter and author.

Yes, the Line of Duty reached a sweaty-palmed conclusion this week and no-one even whispered about it on what meagre social media I visited for fear of upsetting anyone who was actually out.

Whilst leaving a few threads waving tantalisingly in the wind, there was also enough closure here to make sleep possible.

Something the characters in serious drama seem to get precious little of.

Back to Kate and her perfect ponytail, bobbing about as she grappled with baddies, rescued orphans and managed to survive all manner of nefarious goings-on.

Actually, I couldn’t decide what I thought of the Widow.

It had a cracking story with enough twists and red herrings to maintain interest and everyone took it all terribly seriously.

But the dialogue was a bit heavy at times, presumably whoever wrote it thought it would be said in a American accent - which seems to better mask a dodgy script.

And even throwing into Kate’s feisty central character’s back story a stint as a Captain in the Army didn’t make it any less plausible she was able to just crawl out of any sticky position without breaking a sweat or messing up her hair.

She was probably more believable as that vampire in the movies where she wears the tightest leather outfit ever.

I should imagine that hairpiece bobbing about on her head for the eight episodes of the Widow seemed like a breeze in comparison.

Georgia, played by Kate, also appeared to traverse the African continent fuelled only by a couple of beers and the support of people she appeared to barely know.

Maybe I was boiling the kettle when her connection to Charles Dance was satisfactorily explained ?

But Charles really does bring a bit of gravitas to any production he is in.

I reckon he must have a portrait of himself in his attic - or he uses a really good moisturiser.

Surely his finest moment, however, was his appearance alongside Sacha Baron Cohen in the Ali G Movie.

And, a British actor’s CV is somewhat suspiciously lacking if it lacks an appearance in game of Thrones.

You can only be forgiven for having this omission if, for example, you have been Dr Who.

Things, as for many in Thrones, did not end well for Charles’ character.

And as it rolls ever closer to its swansong, a gazillion fans begin to silently prepare for the end.

I have no real solution to the lull after a much-loved show departs - but the best medicine to ease the grief would probably be just to go back to the start.