SO I gave up my Saturday night to watch Eurovision.

It's something of a tradition, to inflict said event on the children.

One of them made it right to the end, to witness the ignominy of our entrant coming last.

Not even in the bottom few - last.

It was small recompense we did actually get some public votes, Germany didn't get any, because it was only three and we were still right at the bottom.

Oh and now, the horror, days after it all died down - it has been announced the scores were wrong so we have been docked another six points. Was it really necessary to make this public ?

It changed absolutely nothing.

And I guess we now need to change our mindset.

I really do need to stop expecting us to do well. Those days are gone.

The worst part of all this is the fact our song was not by any means terrible.

In fact, a lot of very good, catchy tunes were also consigned to the scrap heap by millions of voters who clearly weren't watching the same show I was.

I did hear some criticism levelled at our song to the extent of Michael Rice being let down by boring staging.

Ahem, the winning song was a ballad and similarly had very little showy staging to speak of.

It was a bloke and a piano and a bit of fireworks at one point I think. I couldn't even hum the tune for you.

No, the world hates us. It doesn't even want to listen to our song.

I bet they all made a cuppa or let the dog out when poor Michael was giving it his best shot.

He didn't deserve to come last - how could anyone not be charmed by his impossibly chirpy upbeat attitude throughout the circus that surrounds Eurovision ?

Love it or hate it, it's a behemoth in broadcasting - the most watched non-sporting event in the world no less.

You wouldn't get the likes of Justin Timberlake and Madonna lining up to perform during the voting for any old Saturday night show.

No, Madonna ignored the marching of time and headed to stage in a dubious outfit with a new album/single to plug.

The young chap duetting with her paid tribute to her/insulted her, by reminding everyone watching (don't worry Madge, only about a million or so) she is the same age as his mum who grew up listening to her music.

He looked bewildered, Madonna sounded a bit wobbly and all-in-all it was just a teeny bit dull.

Throw in the excruciating pre-performance chat with one of the presenters and all-in-all, I felt a bit sorry for her.

Had she actually hurt her eye or was robot pirate the look she was going for ?

I will probably have to file this under the list of questions I may never have the answer to.

I went to bed feeling a bit deflated - how can we have come last ?

Graham Norton didn't think we should have and over on Radio 2 neither did Ken Bruce.

Elsewhere none of the fellow big fivers, the countries which the event would be worse off without so are invited to take part every year without having to suffer the indignity of the semi-finals, fared magnificently.

Italy looked good for a while after the jury vote but the public weren't as keen.

So, off we go to lick our wounds and pretend we don't care - until next year when we will go through the whole charade again.

Elsewhere in TV Land - most people care about Game of Thrones finally being over.

I cheated and got the lowdown the next day.

Apparently, most people felt satisfied with the denouement and those wily telly types are not silly enough to let this golden goose slip off without getting as much out of it as possible.

At least one spin-off/prequel is already in the pipeline.