IT'S that time of year again when DJ Chris Powell and his Band4Life team of tuneful elves, work to put on a live music spectacular in aid of a needy cause at Christmas time.

The Santa Cause 5 will see a plethora of some of Southend's best loved artists take to the stages of Chinnerys across two rooms, on Saturday December 16.

These include the 54 Plates; the Trusted; Whom by Fire; the Waterfalls; the Honkies; Winter; Angel and the Melodyhorns; Owen Williams; Dr Zod; Bloom; Dave Woodcock and the Fixtures; the Tuppenny Bunters; the Plan; Frankie Roe; Leo Clemenson and Jay Laker's Spoken Word Artists - Kellie-Marie Sellwood, Drayzera, Gill West, James Wilsher, Brad James, Mike Roberts, Pablo Giles, Bobby Davis, John Healy, Peggy Lia Williams and Shirley Baker.

Special guests are also to be announced.

Chris said: "This special event sees performers and artists uniting for one night to make the lives of all the homeless children of this town a little brighter this Christmas.

"Since Band4Life began back in 2011, we have presented events in and around Southend with the sole intention of passing on all the money raised to often overlooked causes, focussing all our efforts again this year to giving a little hope to the homeless kids within the area.

"Working with the excellent Argosy Toys and in association with The Dove Project and other essential Southend services, we are funding a special delivery of presents selected by hand for all those children in the hostels and shelters around Southend, packed and wrapped and ready to drop for the big day when they won't be expecting anything and will get more than they could wish for - with the help of the public.

"On Saturday December 16, we are offering the love and respect of over 60 musicians, artists, poets, performers and volunteers so that you may help us raise all we can to bring the spirit of Christmas and light up the darkest corners.

"Everybody works for free to bring this to an audience.

"All we ask is you buy a ticket - £5 - and come along early to support the show."

Band4Life Present the Santa Cause 5, from 6pm until 2am at Chinnerys, Marine Parade, Southend.

Tickets are £5 available from