Katherine Senior and Matthew Parish formed Tilted Wig Productions in 2017.

Katherine and Matthew have 10 years experience producing and touring plays throughout the UK with Creative Cow – a Devon-based theatre company they co-founded in 2007.


From the very beginning of our careers as actors touring the depths of the British countryside, setting up shows in pubs and skittle alleys – and wherever else anyone would take us – we have worked hard to create a professional ensemble company of actors.

Our shows now tour to some of the biggest theatres in the UK, yet that same ethos is still the driving force behind Tilted Wig Productions.

Whether Tilted Wig is producing a classic play or an exciting new adaptation, for each production they aim to bring together a vibrant and innovative creative team.

Over the years Katherine and Matthew have formed strong relationships with top venues all over the country, and with their inaugural production of GREAT EXPECTATIONS they’re proud to be co-producing for the very first time with Malvern Theatres.